Best communication advice EVER…

I figured since it's 2015 it's probably time to enter the blogging world (long overdue I'm certain.)  The goal of this blog will be …

I figured since it’s 2015 it’s probably time to enter the blogging world (long overdue I’m certain.)  The goal of this blog will be to offer short practical tools, ideas, and suggestions that will be of great value both personally and professionally.  So here’s my first blog post, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

Best Communication Advice Ever:

“Listen in a way that people love to speak;

Speak in a way that people love to listen.”

I always love it when something complex can be summed up in a few simple words.  Two questions arise from this profound quote:

1.  Do you listen so incredibly well that people feel the freedom and the enjoyment to speak?

2  Do you speak in such a way that people love to take the time to listen to you?

Although both of these seem simple enough, they are definitely not easy.  Being a great listener involves everything from keeping good eye contact, displaying affirmation cues (ie. nodding your head), engaging in follow up questions to show greater interest in what they are sharing, and showing empathy when you hear certain painful things.  These and many other factors help make people GREAT listeners that make people love to speak.

Speaking in a way that makes people want to listen also involves a very specific set of skills.  Being authentic with what you share, explaining something without sounding like you are lecturing or talking down to them, asking connecting questions to ensure that they can see what you are saying, not over-talking, not under-talking, and making good eye contact are all key features of great conversationalists.

Take some time and think about each of these elements of listening and speaking and see how you do.  Next time you are listening to someone, ask yourself if you are doing such a good job that they love speaking to you.  Next time you are speaking to someone, ask yourself if what and how you are speaking is making them want to keep listening.  These are definitely two very good questions for all of us to consider. No doubt if we continue to grow in both of these skills, every area of our lives will be enhanced!