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"I have known Walter for many years and have recognized him to be exceptional at communication and teaching. He is highly effective at developing relationships while motivating and showing people how to improve their performance. I have found him to be of the highest standards and would recommend him to anyone considering working with him."

J.L. Jackson, Former President of Diamond Shamrock

Lisa The Mayor
“Listen in a way that people love to speak; Speak in a way that people love to listen.”

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The Ought To’s

Change, Personal Growth

A quote that motivates me every time I think of it says, “Between saying and doing lies the sea.” As difficult as it may be for some... Read More → The Ought To’s

Time – A Precious Commodity

Life, Time Management

An Unexpected Inspiration… As I was sitting on a plane looking over a presentation I would be giving the next day, sitting beside me... Read More → Time – A Precious Commodity

Yearly Goals: Let’s Finally Settle This Debate


Consider these examples… Two people walk into the gym. One has no plan and no real thought about what they want to achieve that day. The... Read More → Yearly Goals: Let’s Finally Settle This Debate

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