Walter’s coaching has been a great tool for me in my development as a leader.  He is very positive and encouraging, yet he provides matter of fact guidance and feedback to help drive continuous improvement.  His knowledge on leadership and management theory is tremendous and he is a great teacher who also instills a desire to better oneself in these areas.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to improve.
VP & Project Mgr, HollyFrontier Corp.
Walter’s coaching identified areas for me to work on and develop to become the leader I am today. He provided real solutions for today’s leadership challenges. The leadership skills I developed from working with Walter have greatly impacted the success of my career.
Bill Romine
Operations Manager, Navajo Refinery.
Walter’s ability to turn any situation into a learning experience along with his ability to connect with whoever he is coaching is truly a gift. His knack for taking complex situations and turning them around by asking simple probing questions has challenged us to think outside the box and has been a huge part of my growth as a leader.
Robby Hagemann
President/CEO, Boardmann, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Walter both personally and professionally for quite some time. He is one of the most gifted people I know when it comes to developing relationships and pushing others to reach their full potential.
Stephen Lipscomb
Tailwater Capital, LLC.
Walter’s consultative services have been reliable, time tested and fact based. He is particularly skilled at “hearing the story” and then shedding light on the subject matter in a way that I had not considered. This is usually related to his understanding the psychologic make up of individuals and organizations. He consistently comes up with novel and useful solutions for consideration. He states his opinions and is not a “yes man.” I find great value with his work and I will certainly continue to use his services. I highly recommend Walter to anyone looking for additional insight into their personal or professional life.
Dr. Azam Anwar “Oz”
Renowned Cardiologist and Entrepreneur.
Walter Nusbaum has been a regular speaker for our leadership team and we could not be more pleased with how effective his presentation style and content is. I would highly recommend Walter to anyone looking for a powerful and effective communicator.
Kenneth Randall
Former CEO, Artesia General Hospital
Walter Nusbaum is an incredibly captivating and commanding speaker that our business community loves to listen to every time we bring him in. I could not recommend a speaker more highly than Walter.
Haley Klein
Director, Artesia Chamber of Commerce
Walter has spoken to and worked with our senior leadership team for the past several years. He provides a fresh and insightful perspective to our management teams regarding management and leadership. He is an extremely gifted speaker who effectively engages, motivates, and challenges everyone he speaks to. Our management teams continue to request Walter year after year!
Greg Marrs
CEO, First American Bank
Walter Nusbaum has been a speaker at ILTA’s Annual International Operating Conference every year since 2012. He continues to be a crowd favorite, providing fresh insights on how to cultivate leadership and sharing what it takes to build a thriving organization. Walter’s presentation style is engaging and sincere, and his message easily relates to terminal operations. We know we can count on him to deliver an outstanding performance every time!
Melinda Whitney
ILTA President
Walter commands your attention from the first sentence! His unparalleled approach to speaking has you on the edge of your chair until the end. He definitely delivered the message to our organization!
Mike Tansey
Division President - Southwest Pratt Industries
Walter Nusbaum delivers powerful, pragmatic, real-life presentations which always captures the hearts and minds of our organization. We always love bringing Walter back to speak to our teams!
Joe Sauger
SVP, Engineering & Compliance Services; Buckeye Partners, L.P.

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