Overstressed, overworked and often times overlooked is what it can feel like in the upper management and executive management levels of an organization. The bottom line is critical and what seems to matter the most are outcomes. This is what managers, directors, VP’s and executive leadership live with everyday. Perform or prepare to be passed up, or even worse, be prepared to no longer be seen as a “fit” with the future direction of the organization.

Walter is particularly skilled at working individually with business leaders through a coaching relationship that will help them see and plan for what the road ahead looks like in their career. Trust and honesty are at the heart of this relationship. Personal growth is not easy but it is essential to staying relevant and highly valued in any organization. This coaching process with Walter will yield the benefits that are needed for continued success. For more information on the executive coaching process with The Nusbaum Group click on the Contact Us Today link!

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